Life Coaching

Life Coaching is the compass you are seeking that will assist you to navigate your life goals.

Life is a journey to be enjoyed and explored. Just like a ship needs an anchor and compass to return to land, Life coaching will provide a clear direction for you to steer you on your way.

What Coaching IS

  • Coaching is system built on trust and communication.
  • Coaching is an empowering experience of questions and answers.
  • Coaching will help identify, improve and create movement with the area you feel stuck in.
  • Coaching is there to help you understand yourself in more detail.
  • Coaching will look at the here and the now in your life.
  • Together we will focus on guiding you forward to your specific goal.
  • A coach is there as an accountability partner for you.
  • A coach will support, listen and work with you.

What Coaching is NOT

Coaching is NOT counselling. Counselling is focused on returning to past event’s and experiences and working on specific ways to understand the past.

Coaching is NOT mentoring. A mentor is a person experienced in a specific area that helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person in that area.

What will I gain from a Life Coach?

Simply put, a life coach will give you fresh perspective.

  • You will experience things in a new way.
  • You will gain clarity, confidence, and fulfilment.
  • You have access to an accountability partner
  • You get support
  • You become more focused
  • You create momentum which also leads to more energy and increased productivity
  • You have a safe trusted space to develop, learn and grow in.
  • You gain so much more and the only way to know Is to try it for yourself.

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans

John Lennon