Anchor Your Awareness.

My name is Christine and I am the person I am today because I was brave enough to ask for help from a life coach. My mission is to help you discover the best version of yourself, create understanding, gain clarity and build a strong sense of awareness. My purpose as your coach is to help you find more. There is always more.

What I do

I’m here to help you unlock your unleashed strengths. Having a fresh perspective is a very powerful experience. I enable you to become balanced, focused, and strong enough to face uncertainty with a sense of clarity. Change is possible

How can I help you?

I will help you develop the tools to identify, set and achieve your goals. I will help you create positive, sustainable changes, and show you how to unlock a thought process you are unable to reach alone.

As your Coach I will enable you to find your calm in any calamity. With your commitment to coaching you will learn how to move forward in the direction you choose.

If you feel stuck, frustrated or fear in any area then together, throughout your coaching process we will create the stability and clarity surrounding those parts of your life.

With coaching you are setting sail on a new journey. Once we establish your anchors, you will be ready to face any tide.

How coaching works

Our initial contact is done by phone call or video-conferencing to assess our fit as coach and client. During this short, free consultation, we will discuss how to work together and agree on a coaching schedule.

This is a chance for you, the client, to ask me any questions you have about coaching and how our relationship will grow.

If we agree to work together, we will sign a ‘Coaching Contract’ which will guide our coaching relationship.

Once we arrange our schedule, we will begin our agreed coaching session. These sessions are a safe space built on trust, respect, honesty, communication, and commitment. In our first full session, we go through the specific areas you want to work on. The style of questions I ask in our agreed coaching session will help you:

  • Figure out your goal.
  • Identify where you will start.
  • Create a process that best suits you.
  • Set achievable steps to get the result you want.
  • Create a satisfied feeling.

If you have a specific area you want to work on, for example a personal or professional dilemma, or if you just feel a more general need for change, please contact me now to arrange your first free consultation. Together we can discuss your journey to navigate you towards new horizons.